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orlando international airport #disney2k14

It’s taken me 5 years to accept my body.

Anonymous: I wish I could be as confident as you. But then I look down and all I see is everything that's wrong with me.

You’re radiant and brilliant and no one can tell you otherwise.

There’s nothing wrong with you—your flaws are unique and beautiful and wonderful.

And undoubtedly, you’re more beautiful than you think.


Loving myself and my body and every little flaw was the best decision I’ve made this year.

I am so much happier with myself; not caring how other people may see me is so blissful.


The Distillery - Toronto, Canada

(by † mexico rosel †)
Anonymous: So happy for you, hope you find cute boys at Rutgers (':

Daw, thank you, lovely. :’)

I’ll definitely keep you updated, heh.

Anonymous: that bandeau is a definite no. you're not even fit.

Now I’m definitely going to wear it.

is the bandeau a no or a go???
Anonymous: Why don't you like a guy ): you're so beautiful!

Thank you so much <3

The one I’ve had a crush on doesn’t like me, so I’ve decided to stop wasting my energy. But I’ll be at Rutgers this summer for a month, so I’ll see what happens there! :’)


Going to Disney tomorrow until Monday—so I may not be on as much.

I’ll post lots of pictures, though. :-)

Anonymous: What special guy do you have in your life (;

As of now, there isn’t one.



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Stephen Kendrick/Alex Kendrick, The Love Dare
Submitted by labyrinthofpoetry.